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Yomi Fabiyi Calls For The Arrest Of Comedian, Princess, Pens Open Letter To Lagos State Governor



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Nollywood actor and producer, Yomi Fabiyi had written an open letter to the Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu.

The controversial actor, who has been in Baba Ijesha’s rape case, petitioned the governor to investigate Damola Adekola whose spermatozoa was found in the private part of the 14-year-old girl child.

He alleged that the sperm found in the private part of Princess’ Foster daughter is not of Baba Ijesha. Damola Adekola was said to have been harbored by Damilola Adekoya popularly called Princess the Comedian.

According to the petition, a police investigation after the arrest of Baba Ijesha revealed that Damola Adekola and Okele who lived in Princess’s house were sexually abusing the young girl, meanwhile, Princess the comedian never contested the revelation.

Fabiyi in the petition said he that comes to equity must come with clean hands. That he thought the duo ( Damola Adekola and Okele) will be presented for trial during Baba Ijesha’s trial hearing but unfortunately the prosecuting counsel gave excuses on why he was not on trial. According to Fabiyi in the petition, a ‘POTENTIAL PEADOPHILE’ is allowed to walk free and Baba Ijesha who was allegedly lured to commit the immoral act was sentenced.

His letter reads,

“It is a known fact that after Baba Ijesha’s arrest, police began an investigation, and days after SPERM was found on the fourteen(14) year old girl which led to her confession that one DAMOLA ADEKOLA, a close ally and neighbor to Princess has been having sex with her which led to Damola’s arrest and his subsequent confession too.

The other suspect, the security in the house with the alias “Okele” escaped arrest. THEY HAVE NOT BEEN TRIED FOR ALMOST TWO YEARS NOW. I thought he will be presented for trial during Baba Ijesha’s case but the prosecution gave excuses on why he was not on trial, meaning a POTENTIAL PEDOPHILE is allowed walking free, and Baba Ijesha who was lured to sentence.

The sad news is that he may have continued sexually exploiting the victim and unsuspecting victims who may be secretly licking their wounds. I say this because Princess Comedian confirmed in court she was aware a year before Baba Ijesha’s TRAP that the duo of Damola and her house security guard Okele have been sexually abusing the same bait girl, which she sought spiritual help only for.

The danger of that is after Baba Ijesha’s arrest, SEMEN was still found on the girl’s private, a blatant case of CHILD NEGLIGENCE punishable under the laws of Lagos State. There are so many other concerns also on the veracity of “ADOPTION” Princess laid claims to. I doubt if there is evidence of legal adoption yet the trial and your government let that pass too.

He who comes to EQUITY must come with CLEAN HANDS. There was also a rumor that the pregnancy was aborted twice for the girl. Respectfully, Sir, the few CHILD RIGHTS advocates in the form of NGOs, JOURNALISTS, ELITES, and CELEBRITIES who paid attention to the case appear to ignore some of these details in their reports either intentionally or through inadvertence. Sir, as an admired public officer who has the mandate of the good people of Lagos State, you are a man I value; keen, tenacious, forthright with a clear conscience.

It is my appeal that you swing to action to kindly save the girl and save human rights. Posterity will NEVER forget you. I don’t want to lead any other protest or approach the court on this new development before THE RIGHT things are done in this matter, my conscience is telling me I have waited too long. May God guide the youths to the truth to know as only the truth can set Nigeria FREE. While thanking you for your prompt response and decision in this matter”. He said in his petition.

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