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Top Ten Greatest Strikers In The Premier League History



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The Premier League is the most popular league in football, it has been blessed with a ridiculous amount of talented stars over the span of it’s existence. In terms of quality of players produced, not too many leagues can compare with the Premier League, we’ve seen both homegrown talent and foreign exploit light up the league.
One department the Premier League has particularly been blessed with is the department of goal hungry 9s, most of the most respectable 9s in football history have had some history with Premier League.
So today we are going to be looking at top ten best 9s to grace this league.

10.) Jermain Defoe: Massively underrated, Defoe certainly doesn’t get the respect a player with over 100 PL goals under his belt should get. With a career that spanned stints at West Ham, Tottenham Hotspur, Portsmouth, Sunderland, Bournemouth… A great finisher, not too many defence could stop him on his day

9.) Robbie Fowler: The Merseyside God, even though his career was blighted by injuries, he still put up mind boggling numbers, scoring a total of 183 in 369 appearances for Liverpool, and was a great sight of fright for opposition defenders during his time. Little reason as to why he was referred to as God in Liverpool.

8.) Michael Owen: You know you are a special talent when you are called to make your professional debut at the age of 17, and Owen certainly was a special talent. His stint at Liverpool was largely successful personally, bagging the Premier League golden boot as well as the balon d’or during his time at the club . At the time he left the club, he had 158 goals in 297 appearances… Not bad Owen.

7.) Luis Suarez: Although the number of his Liverpool contemporaries below him are greater, there’s no questioning who had the bigger influence. Although spending just 3 seasons in the Premier League, Luis Suarez wasted no time in announcing himself as a force to be feared in the Premier League, scoring a total of 69 goals in 110 appearances in all competitions for Liverpool, he nearly singlehandedly dragged them to their first league title in the Premier League era, unfortunately the team let it slip (pun intended)

6.) Didier Drogba: The ultimate big game player. During his time in the league, there was no better 9. With technique we haven’t seen too many possessing since him, he had the ability to make a goal out of nothing. A remarkably successful stint he London, he led Chelsea to 4 PL titles, helping himself to 2 golden boot along the way.

5.) Sergio Aguero: Unarguably the greatest player to play in Etihad. The signing of Aguero was the turning point in the fortunes of City, after all we all know how they won their first league title in the Premier League era, a largely successful stint saw him crowned as a champion of England 5 times, playing a pivotal role in all 5, helping himself to 184 premier league goals along the way. Not bad.

4.) Andy Cole: Another not so popular name on this list, but he certainly belongs here. Career spanning stints at Newcastle, Manchester United and Black Burn, Cole delivered everywhere he went, scoring goals and winning titles along the way. A truly frightening sight for opposition defenders, he scored 187 PL goals during his time, helping himself to 5 titles along the way.

3.) Kane: Goalscoring machine, not too much else to add. The sight of Kane gives even the most experienced Center backs in the game butterflies in their stomach, and why won’t it, just look at the stat, a little over 200 goals in the Premier League alone is sure to give any one against him goosebumps (not the good kind). Unfortunately, even though his stay at he premier league was largely successful personally, the same can’t be said collectively, as he didn’t win any silverware in England.

2.) Thierry Henry: Probably, the best the league has ever seen. Not too many can be said about Thierry Henry that hasn’t been said. One of the most skilled strikers the world of football has seen, he had the ability to singlehandedly win a game for Arsenal and so he did several times, there’s a reason he’s the popular opinion on who the best player in the Premier League History is, never mind his 4 PL golden boot, 2 premier leagues or 175 premier league goals.

1.) Alan Shearer: You have to be something special to be ahead of Thierry Henry in any premier league rankings and Alan Shearer was definitely special. His stint spanned time at Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United, and goals lots of them. The undisputed premier league top scorer with 250+ league goals and a league title to go nicely with it.

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