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Here Are Six Ways To Have Smooth Skin With Natural Remedies



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Here are the six proven ways to have a smooth skin with natural remedies.

THE NATION REPORTERS informs that one of the changes that occur as we age is evident in how the skin looks. Nevertheless, if we desire a smooth and healthy skin, there are easy steps to follow. Below are the steps to consider:

1. Protecting against sun effects. Ultraviolet rays is harmful to the skill cells’ DNA. It results to skin dryness, premature aging and exposes the skin to cancer. What we can do to protect the effects of the sun on our skin is limiting time in the sun, using sunscreen and wearing protective clothes.

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2. Staying hydrated. Drinking water reduces skin dryness and roughness, hence, enhances smoother skin.

3. Steering clear of smoking. Smoking cigarettes and sorts causes wrinkles, skin aging and skin disorders. It also vitiates the skin’s ability to heal itself.

4. No intake of alcohol. It has been proven that alcohol consumption is linked to ‘skin photodamage’– damage caused by sunlight. The intake of alcohol causes dehydration, resulting in dry skin and aging.

5. Exercising. Regular exercise makes the skin’s outer layer thinner and thickens the inner layers. In essence, it results in a healthy, younger-looking and smoother skin.

6. Getting quality sleep. Sleep helps repair Ultraviolet damage and reduces wrinkles. As the skin repairs itself during sleep, more collagen are produced and blood flow increases.

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If the six steps above are given due attention, you can be sure that you will get your desired healthy, smooth and younger-looking skin.

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