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5 Top States To Consider For Your Youth Service.



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THE NATION REPORTERS reports that graduating successfully from the university is a milestone in the lives of students but making choice of the best Nigeria states to serve is another thing as it can be of immense help if one makes the right choice.

In this article, I will be listing factors to consider when selecting best NYSC states for service. Also, I will list and explain why the five states below should be your best pick so ensure to take your time and read to the end of this article to avoid making costly mistakes.

In selecting the best states for NYSC, here are some factors you have to consider.

1. Security of the state.

2. Amount State Government pay corpers in the state.

3. Cost of living in the state.

4. Job opportunities in the state.

5. Infrastructures.

With the aforementioned, here are five states you should consider for your youth service.

1. Anambra State

Anambra is a state in the south eastern part of Nigeria and also one of the state with highest allowances from state government to corpers.

The state has one of the largest markets in West Africa, so the food there is cheap.

Accommodation and transportation are also affordable.

Towns in Anambra like Awka and Nnewi are relatively safe and very pleasant to live in if you are posted there but in Onitsha you have got to be careful as there are pickpockets everywhere.

As a corper in Anambra, you’re more likely to get posted to schools for your primary assignment.

Anambra State Government pays corp members ₦9,000, which is higher than all states except Lagos state.

If you’re business-oriented, you can start spotting opportunities fast during your service year in Anambra.

2.Ogun State

Ogun State is in the southwestern part of Nigeria and has the best NYSC camp. Most areas in Ogun state including Abeokuta, has several beautiful houses at affordable rates, incredibly cheap food, transport fare is well within reasonable prices, and security is tight.

There are several job opportunities for corpers in Ogun state as it houses some of the biggest companies and factories in Nigeria.

Ogun State Government pays ₦5,000 to corp members monthly, which is much better than what many other states pay.

If you don’t want to get posted to schools, try to go for service early in the year with Batch A.

If you go for service early in the year, you may get posted to companies rather than schools.

3.Kano State

Kano state is in the north-western part of Nigeria. It is one of the major cities and a major commercial hub in Nigeria relatively peaceful.

Kano is one of the best northern state for NYSC service you will enjoy living in if you find yourself there.

Things are very cheap in Kano and cost of living is quite affordable which makes it a major attraction to most corpers as they can save most of their allowance.

Kano has more industries than any other state in Northern Nigeria, which provides job opportunities for both corps members and those who choose to remain after their service year.

Kano State Government pays corpers ₦5,000 monthly, which makes it the best northern state for NYSC.

4. Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom is one of the most developed state in Nigeria after Abuja and Lagos.

If you serve in Akwa Ibom, you will fall in love with the place.

Akwa Ibom is very safe with low crime rate and feeding is very cheap, transportation cost is cheap, housing cost is reasonable, and the lifestyle is great.

The people of Akwa Ibom are highly hospitable and love corp members a lot.

Akwa Ibom State Government pays corpers ₦5,000 monthly – which starts immediately after camping to help them go to their various PPAs before their service year officially begins. Akwa Ibom is in the south south part of Nigeria.

5. Abuja State

Of all the states with a high cost of living, Abuja is the highest but despite that Abuja has one of the cheapest food markets in the country. It is very likely that the yam you ate recently is from Abuja. Probably even the tomatoes you used to prepare stew last weekend.

The transportation cost in Abuja is high, housing in Abuja is high, but it doesn’t stop people from wanting to serve there. The reason is that everyone wants to get a taste of Nigeria’s money, and Abuja is where they share it. Don’t get me wrong; they don’t share it on the streets. If you have someone in the high places, you’re already employed even before you get your discharge certificate.

Abuja has a good standard of living and good security, so you should fit in easily if you’re from a middle-class family. Abuja is one of the states that doesn’t pay corp members, but you’re unlikely to work at a place that won’t pay you and more likely to make more money than what your counterparts in other states get If you position yourself well for the opportunities.

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