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God will send the right person to me — lillian Afegbai



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Lillian Afegbai, a former Big Brother Africa contestant and actress has expressed her hope in God for the right man before she gets married.

This was prior to her recent post about the man whom she shared mutual love and affection with that stopped showing interest in her when he found out that she is an actress.

She made this known in an interview with Saturday beats. She said, “After that incident, I felt more reassured that God will send the right person to me. It was a wake-up call for me to know that what is not mine is not mine. The guy in question is not a bad person. He knows what he wants. It also does not mean I am a bad person because I am an actress. When God says it is time is when I will get married.”
Meanwhile, she also reacted to people’s attitude about being judgemental towards actresses rather than showing love to them. She said “People should stop being judgmental. Let’s show more love because the world needs more of that.

“As much as people say actresses don’t make good wives, some actors are married and happy. We should stop focusing on the negative but rather on the positive. Veteran actress, Joke Silva, is still married to another veteran, Olu Jacobs. Even if people say they belong to an older generation, there are many young actors who are married and happy. In the banking, medical, and other sectors, people also get divorced. If one goes to court, one will find that people from different walks of life get divorced every day.

“All I am going to say is that it is not easy to be in the entertainment industry; it is hard work. Most times, one cannot change the perception of people. One just has to be true to oneself. But, I want people to know that they cannot always label everybody because of the experiences they have had with one or two persons.”

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