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Here Are Full List Of Schools Blacklisted By WAEC 2022



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  • The below are full list of schools backlisted by WAEC 2022. 


THE NATION REPORTERS reports that full List of schools blacklisted by West Africa Examination Council, WAEC 2022 has been further updated below.



Latest Update: “The attention of the West African Examinations Councils is hereby drawn to the copy of the list of derecognized schools given to the Ministry of Education in Rivers State. We wish to state the following “The Government of the state was not responsible for the de-recognition of schools in Rivers State, rather, they have been cooperating with WAEC through the Ministry of Education in ensuring sanity and quality Education in the State.


“The schools were derecognized as a result of examination malpractice perpetrated in the schools during the WASSCE for School Candidates, 2021.


“De-recognition of schools was a decision of the Nigeria Examination Committee on schools that perpetrated examination malpractice across the country.


“The derecognized schools were not delisted or banned from writing the examination in the state, but MUST pay the penalty for the conduct of the examination in their schools.


“No teacher from any of the derecognized schools will participate in the conduct of the examination in the school for the period of two years as external supervisors and Invigilators will be deployed from other schools to conduct the examination,” it concluded.


IDOMA VOICE reports that the West African Examination Council (WAEC) has banned 35 secondary schools in Rivers State from presenting candidates for the Secondary School Certificate Examination over their involvement in examination malpractices in past exams.


This was contained in a letter signed by the Deputy Registrar/Zonal Coordinator for Head of National Office of WAEC, S.D. KUM, and addressed to the affected schools, through the State Ministry of Education.


According to the letter, schools affected by the ban are barred from registering candidates for the examination until further notice.


List of Schools Blacklisted By WAEC 2022




El-Olam Global Academy, Ogbogoro


Rehoboth Int’l Secondary School


Midland Int’l Christain Sec. Scch. Port Harcourt


Rootway Compre. College, Port Harcourt


Charry Compre. Sech. Sch. Port Harcourt


Millennium High School, Port Harcourt


Sony Memorial College, Diobu


Sit-Up International College Oyigbo


Excel Comprehensive College, Okrika


Victory High School, Port Harcourt


Atlantic Heralds High School, Port Harcourt


Nigerian Christain Comp. College Asarama


John Wesley College, Bori


Nobsants International Sec. Sch. Igbo Etche


Unique International Sec. School, Etche


Ranjeny’s High School, Ogale Nchia Eleme


Baptisit Vocational College, Ahoada




Community Secondary School, Ido


Community Secondary School, Baranyowa Dere


Community Secondary School, Kono Benue


Community Secondary School, Kpean


Comprehensive High School, Sii Khanna


Kono Secondary School, Kono


Community Secondary School, Baen


Community Secondary School, Ngo-Uyeada


Community Senior Secondary School Abam-ama


Community Secondary School, Ban-Ogoi


Tus-Tus Community Secondary School, Korokoro


Joinkrama Girls’s Secondary School, Joinkrama


Western Ahoada County High School, Ahoada


Community Secondary School, Ebubu Eleme


In reaction to the list of blacklisted schools by WAEC, the Rivers State Government demoted 14 public secondary schools principals over their schools’ involvement in examination malpractices.


The state Commissioner for Education, Professor Kaniye Ebeku relayed their demotion on Monday, March 21 in Port-Harcourt, saying it was in response to the delisting of 35 schools in the state from participating in WAEC’s examinations. He blamed school administrators for allowing examination malpractices to thrive in their Centres.


21 private schools affected by WAEC delisting have also been stripped of their licenses by the state government.


The commissioner stated that the state has no tolerance for examination malpractices as it had in the past dismissed and suspended Principals and staff found wanting, including the withdrawal of approval certificates of private schools involved in the act.




The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) sanctioned 165 private and public schools in Kwara State for various forms of examination malpractices during the 2019 Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE).


Affected were 122 public secondary schools and 43 private schools.


The schools, which have been blacklisted and fined N25,000 each by the examination body, cut across the three senatorial districts of the state.

The schools blacklisted / sanctioned includes:

1. Alade College, Ajase-Ipo


2. Muslim Community Secondary School, Odo-Eku


3. Government Unity Secondary School, Kaiama


4. Central Secondary School, Iji-Isin


5. ECWA Secondary School, Odu-Eku


6. Comprehensive High School, Oko


7. Obi International College, Omu-Aran


8. Banwo Olufunto Ideal College, Ajase-Ipo


9. Apaarin Community Grammar School, Igbonla


10. Government Day Secondary School, Rore


11. Federal Government Girls’ College, Omu-Aran


12. Ini-Oluafemi model Secondary School, Gaa-Odota area, Ilorin


13. Senior Secondary School, Gbagba, Ilorin


14. Iman dar-Al-Hijra Islamic College, Apalara Adewole Estate, Ilorin


15. Tahfizzul Quran International College, Ilorin


16. Olayemi Comprehensive College, Temidire


17. Future Stars International College, Ilorin


18. Ajoke Model College, Ilorin


19. Royal International College, Ilorin


20. International Arts & Science Academy, Agbabiaka, Ilorin


21. Alade College, Taiwo Road, Ilorin


22. Government Girls’ Day Secondary School, Oko-Erin


23. Baboko Community Secondary School, Ilorin


24. Crystal Model College, Gaa-Akanbi/Agba Dam, Ilorin


25. Harmony College, Biada Community, Kilanko, Ilorin


26. Omolola High School, Agbo Olunlade, Ilorin


27.Hasbiyallahul-Adabiyy Model Secondary School, Ilorin


28.Masha-Alahu College, Tanke, Ilorin


29. Senior Secondary School, Ero-Omo, Ilorin


30. Royal Rainbow International School, Alagbede Area, Ilorin


31. Al-Mawahib College, Gaa-Olobi, Okolowo, Ilorin


32. Senior Secondary School, Danialu, Ilorin


33. Nana Aishat Academy, Akerebiata, Ilorin


34. Shekinah Glory Academy, Fate, ILorin


35. Omo Hiyah College of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Isale-Koko


36.Hollab College, Gaa-Akanbi, Ilorin


37.Excellent International College, Tanke


38. Sango Senior Secondary School, Kulende, Ilorin


39.Adebola College, Gaa-Akanbi, Ilorin


40.Cornerstone International Secondary School, Tanke


41. Alexander College of Arts & Science, Upper Gaa-Akanbi, Ilorin


42.Precious Gift International School, Ilorin


43.Ilorin South Local Government Secondary School, Oke-Adini


44.Dalex Royal College, Ilorin


45.Taoheed Secondary School, Ilorin


46.Senior Secondary SChool, Oke-Ose, Dangiwa


47.Government Day Secondary School, Oke-Aluko, Ilorin


48.Adrin College, Ilorin


Senior Secondary School, Panada-Oja


49.Al-Muwahideen Model College, Oke-Ose


50.Iman Hamzat Model College, Alagbado


51.Best Way College, Oke-Oyi


52.Government Day Secondary School, Ojagboro, Ilorin


53.David Akintola College, Ilorin


54. Government Day Secondary School, Oke-Ogbe


55. Government Day Secondary School, Tapa Ayetoro-Oja


56. Community Grammar School, Ile-Apa


57. Community Secondary School, Oke-Oyi Oja


58.Bukola Ansarul Islam High School, Budo-Are


59. Government Day Secondary School, Kaiama


60.Government Secondary School, Kugiji Kaiama Local


61.Government Secondary School, Gwaria


62.Kaiama Local Government Senior Secondary School, Bani


63.Ola International College, Kaiama


64.Al-Lateef islamic Model College, Kaiama


65.Mora Tasude Senior Secondary School, Kaiama


66.Government Secondary School, Tunga Aboki


67. Baptist Model High School, Kaiama


68. Kunfayakun Islamic College, Kaiama


69.Government Secondary School, Malete


70. Supreme Secondary School, Kaiama


71. Moro Local Government Secondary School, Ejidongari


72. Moro Local Government Secondary School, Oloru


73. Government Secondary School, Bode Sa’adu


74. Government Day Secondary School, Shao


75. United Missionary Church of Africa Comprehensive High School


76. Government Day Secondary School, Lanwa


77. Government Secondary School, Jebba


78.Maryland College, Jebba


79.Anglican College of Commerce, Offa


80.Ansarul-Deen College, Offa


81. Iyeru Grammar School, Offa


82.Offa Community Secondary School, Offa


83. Moremi High School, Offa


84. Nawar-ud-Deen Grammar School, Offa


85. Mustapha Standard College, Offa


86. Government Day Secondary School, Offa


87. Fatima Community College, Ekan-Meje/Aran Orin


88. Babalola Memorial (CAC) Grammar School, Odo-Owa


89. Nowa Secondary School, Offa


90. Idofin High School, Idofin


91. Anglican Grammar School, Ilale


92. Iloffa Comprehensive High School, Iloffa


93. Ojoku Grammar School, Ojoku


94.Government Secondary School, Igosun


95.Government Secondary School, Ipee


96.Ansar-Ud-Deen 97.Islamic High School, Ipee


98. Ikotun High School, Oyun


99. Igosun High School, Igosun


100. Ansar-Ud-Deen College, Ikotun


101. Ansar-Ud-Deen College, Ijagbo


102. Oyun Local Government Secondary School, Ilemona


103. Bimaks International School, Ijagbo


104. Patigi Secondary School, Patigi


105. The Apostolic Church Secondary School, Patigi


106. Senior Secondary School, Lata, Patigi


107. Unique Faith Progressive College, Lade, Patigi


108. Senior Secondary School, Ndanaku


109. Community Secondary School, Tankpafu


110. Etsu Ibrahim Chatta Senior Secondary School, 111. Gboke, Patigi Zamad College, Lade


112. Agbeyangi Community Secondary School, Agbeyangi, Ilorin


113. Government Secondary School, Ilorin


114. Adeshina International College, Share


115. Community Senior Secondary School, Labaka-Oja


116. Senior Secondary School, Oke-Oyan


117. Igbo-Owu Commercial Secondary School, Igbo-Owu


118. Aworo-Ona Grammar School, Irabon, Oro-Ago


119. Awulesoro High School, Owa-Kajola


120. Agunjin District High School, Agunjin


121. Government Secondary School, Babanla


122. Secondary Commercial College, Omi-Aro


123. Idera Community Secondary School, Idera


124. Community Grammar School, Ora


125.Community Secondary School, Elerinjare


126. Government Unity Technical College, Amodu Asungbolu


127. Government Secondary School, Share


128. Jama’atul Nasril Islam College, Babanloma


129. Omupo (Anglican) Grammar School, Omupo


130. Plafair Memorial College, Oro-Ago


131. Tetegun Comprehensive High School, Apado


132. Idofian Grammar School, Idofian


133. Government Secondary School, Lajiki


134. Community Secondary School, Iponrin


135. Muslim Community Secondary School, Osi


136. Communuity High School, Isapa


137. Government Secondary School, Obbo-Aiyegunle


138. Isare-OPin Grammar School, Isare-Opin, Ekiti, Kwara State


139. NYSC Model Secondary School, Kpandaragi


140. Etsu Abdullahi Secondary School, Bacita Village Bata-Kinti


141. Comprehensive High School, Dumagi


142. Osi Central Secondary School, Osi


143. Government Day Secondary School, Zambufu


144. Government Day Secondary School, Gbugbu


145. Government Day Secondary School, Bacita


146. Lafiagi Secondary School, Lafiagi


147. Senior Secondary School, Yakiru


148. Government Secondary School, Gbabe


149. Community Secondary School, Chikanda


150. Calvary Grace Model, Kosubosu, Baruten LGA


151. Senior Secondary School, Gbere Bereru


152. Senior Secondary School, Gwasoro


153. Cornerstone Secondary School, Chikanda


154. Ansarul-Islam Secondary School, Taberu


155. Government High School, Kenu


156. Government High School, Boriya


157. Ansarul Islam Secondary School, Gure


158. Government Secondary School, Shiya


159. Government Secondary School, Gwanara


160.Government Secondary School, Ilesha-Baruba


161. Government Secondary School, Yashikira


162. Government Secondary School, Otte


163. Asa Local Government Secondary School, Budo-Tuntun


164. Asa Local Government Secondary School, Abayawo, Ilorin


165. Asa Local Government Commercial Secondary School, Bakase.


Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq in a statement through his spokesperson, Rafiu Ajakaye in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital, on Tuesday, expressed sadness over the development, describing it “as unfortunate.”


He further threatened heavy sanctions against school heads or officials caught aiding and abetting examination malpractices in the state.


He added that “the development is the worst in the history of the state.”


It will be recalled that WAEC conducted the examinations between 8th April and 31st May, 2019 across the country.



No fewer than 30 schools have been delisted in Benue State by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) over examination malpractices.


The state Commissioner for Education, Prof. Dennis Ityavya, disclosed this to newsmen on Saturday.


According to Ityavya, some of the affected schools are private adding that some of the schools have had their results withdrawn.


“Let me inform the public that WAEC has delisted 30 schools in the state and most of them are private schools, some of them have had their results withdrawn by the body for examination malpractices.”


The commissioner noted that the state government had also listed over one thousand schools, both primary and post-primary, for shutdown.


Recall that about 2,300 illegal primary and post-primary schools were closed in 2018 by the state government.


Ityavya, who decried the proliferation of illegal schools in the state, said officials of the ministry alongside security operatives, would move round the state to shut down the illegal schools.

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