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Naira Redesign: See How To Identify Fake Notes From Original 



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  • The below is how to identify fake naira notes from original.

THE NATION REPORTERS reports that following the viral video of a man who raised an alarm over the fake N1000 note which is already in circulation, Nigerians are beginning to ask questions about the new note and how prone it is to counterfeit.


This article addresses how to differentiate between original and fake Naira notes. It is important to know that the naira banknotes are protected by some number of security features to make it easy to spot the fake from the original ones.


Central Bank of Nigeria via their website explained that people can know the original Naira notes when they touch and see through the raised print, security thread and watermark.


“The distinguishing feature when people can recognize by touch and visibility is the raise print, the security thread and the watermark.”


CBN says that the raised prints provide the tactility (this is the ability to feel when someone touch the notes.) While the security thread that ordinarily look broken, but not broken when placed under light, displays ‘CBN’ in small lettering print on both sides of the notes. CBN says other areas to identify the original notes are the portraits, lettering and the denomination numerals (that is the Naira value) at the front and the back of the money are in print that are very bold from the surface.



”Other areas like portrait, lettering and the denominational numerals that are located at the front and back of the Naira notes”, CBN notes.



The Central Bank of Nigeria says the Naira notes are also protected against photocopying.


The original Naira also, get features that are very visible under ultraviolet light; for example, the serial number on each bank note is black, but will turn green under ultraviolet light. These are the features the CBN highlighted can not be seen on the fake Naira notes. The CBN said that its unlikely for fraudsters to get full knowledge of all the security features hence the need for an upgrade every year.

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