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2023: Plateau PDP Divides As Jonah Jangs Tells Followers Not To Vote Atiku



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The leadership of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Plateau State has further divided today as Jonah David Jang called on the People of BASSA LGA & Plateau, not to Vote for Atiku Abubakar as the presidential candidate.

At an emergency meeting called by JANG and held today 3rd/2/23, at John AKSON Hotel at Rukuba in BASSA LGA, of Plateau State, Jang who spoke in his usual hateful ways, using threatening and disgusting but disguised words, describing Atiku as his good friend, whom he knows what he can do. That, he has been asking Atiku what he has for Plateau, but Atiku refused to tell him.
That, the people should do OBI & MUTFWANG 100% OBI for President, as a Christian, he said will be good for them.
He was asked by a lady, to say why he went to southern Zone, Central and Northern Zone Rallies and said “Plateau People should do PDP Candidates 100%,” is there anything he requested for and could not get any favors from Atiku or why is he this mean? Is he not abusing the support Plateau give him?
Why must it be himself at all times?
Or is it because of the N1B Naira Wike gave him during the Primaries? JANG could not respond to any of the Questions but left in anger. The meeting scattered in disarray.
Majority of the People in attendance were heard openly complaining of his attitudes which are always selfish and destructive.
Most are of the opinion that, if Plateau will not do Atiku, most of them will also not do MUTFWANG.

You will also note that, most of the EXCO’S of the Party on the Plateau are JANG’s appointees.

You will also agree that, Plateau PDP, did not wholly accept MUTFWANG, especially coming from JANG, seen to be a dictator and self centered.

The issue of Atiku/MUTFWANG joint Campaign melted that extreme dislike and subtly prepares MUTFWANG to be elected.

However, the hateful disposition & resurgence of Jang against Atiku now would rekindle those sentiments.

It is becoming dicey now on how the Party will manage the Campaigns and eventual elections management because of the joint Campaign Council. Because any money sent to the state joint Campaign Council now will be diverted to only MUTFWANG and Jang followers with OBI as beneficiaries.
The Presidential Campaign council of Atiku in the State and other serious Atiku Campaigns Actors must be redirected, restructured and empowered specifically to conduct the campaigns and elections for Atiku, because Jang means business and he will use the Party executives to frustrate Atiku in the areas of the State that he has control. Though some of the PCC of Atiku in the State are strong adherents of Jang and will only pretend.
Most of other JANG strong supporters and adherents have been given very important assignments in the Atiku’s portfolio in the State and beyond, though.

You will recall that, Wike is controlling Jang in these elections and from all indications, MUTFWANG will also stop campaigning for Atiku.

A lot of the PDP who are strong believers in Atiku have clearly drawn the line that they will equally not have anything to do with MUTFWANG, especially if Atiku loses Plateau. Most of them are willing to support NENTAWE, who from all indications is actually far better than MUTFWANG in all ramifications.
We really have a lot to hear and see in the coming few weeks before elections.

Atiku is however, said to be very strong on the Plateau, with or without JANG, especially if the right and strong supporters are further identified and be used to manage the elections.

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