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The Exogenous Political Undertone On Naira Redesign And Fuel Scarcity On Nigerians: The POS Agents Outrageous



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It’s an appalling cat and kitten sneaking currently in Nigeria today. This nation is a standing cracking wall, for the issue of fuel scarcity, naira redesign policy which has in turn created a lot of forms of extortion from the POS merchants and the incessant increments of the fuel pomp price, also, the charges of the POS as well has caused nothing but havoc to Nigerians.


As a matter of urgency, we are calling on the governments across level to see the pandemonium this has caused Nigerians to, we can not continue with this ugly situations.


Going forward, we are calling the attentions of both federal government and state government to rise to the occasion and find lasting longer solutions to the pressing issues in Nigeria.


However, we commends the efforts of the state government for their intervention by constituted a committee about the issues after our first press release, we are using this medium to call on concerned authorities to help the masses, and to consider the vulnerable Nigerians who are struggling on a daily basis to earn their living, as the issue of fuel scarcity and naira redesign policy affected their chance of getting jobs woefully.


Besides, to save money today in Nigeria has become serious struggle, to collect money as well is as hard as delivering baby.


Moreover, our attention has been drawn to the satanic POS charges on the masses also the degree at which people are queuing at the ATM in the bank in their quest to withdraw money is nothing to home about and it’s disgusting, irritating and not civilize.


Again, the notion that all filling stations are selling fuel at their satisfied price and not government pump price is very disheartening in a country like Nigeria.


Therefore, we are expecting critical step from the government on this anti masses activities in Nigeria, charging the government to penalize who ever is caught on this inhuman treatment of the Nigeria citizens.


Nigeria is bleeding, and reasonable actions is expected of our leaders at this moment of history in our country.


If you notice throughout last year it was breaking news of kidnappings, attack on military personnels, bandits ,bomb attack etc but as the election is nearby we don’t hear much about that as our attention as been diverted to the elections, can we say the the sponsors of all this criminal acts are busy preparing for elections or what??? Who is deceiving who?.


The numbers of politicians are the cabals that are playing politics with the life of the innocent masses are not up to 10% of the total population of the nation.


We are the voice of the voiceless masses and nobody can silent us, people are suffering and dying silently, and the people are looking up to us as the mouthpiece of the masses.


We are calling attention of both federal government and the state government to please swift to action before it will be too late, the masses are anger, the masses are suffering and the masses are ready to do to fight for freedom of which if this happens only God can tell what it will lead to


Prevention is better than cure.


We Are Voice Of The Voiceless Masses.


E-signed… Comrade Owolabi Hassan Oluwatobi PKA Comrade Tobest.

The State Gen. Sec CYVM.



E-signed… Comrade Adebisi Emmanuel Oluwaseun Captain.

The State President of CYVM.

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