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PDP Chieftain, Alh. Samaila AA Rukuba Warns Against Reckless Campaign Comments 



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Alh. Samaila AA Rukuba,  a People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Chieftain and the Jakadan ZAMAN TARE, has made admonitions against the reckless Campaigning comments in Plateau.

The ZAMAN TARE ORGANISATION has noticed an unusual flow of anger, hatreds, emulsified lies, bigotry, untamed dehumanizing propensities and drumming of war dirges, hitherto unknown on the Plateau Politics.


The few weeks leading to the elections became the organized crime version of Political bigotry on the Plateau, beginning with the Presidential elections orchestra, where it was “PDP is good on the Plateau, but not for ATIKU”, and since the postponement of the 11th to 18th March for the Gubernatorials, there are no signs of Swords shielding between PDP&APC on both hands.

The Plateau of yore has recapitulated into mere anarchy, and if care is not excercised, whoever wins the election, Plateau would become the loser.

Religion has become so entrenched on the Plateau so vehemently that, it has become the most venomous lethal weapon of Political attacking instrument. It doesn’t matter, if you call the name of God in vain.

Circumspection is no longer excercised, decorum is no longer observed and the most chanted “Plateau the Beautiful” paradigms no longer applicable.

Sheik SANI Yahaya JINGIR has been so eulogized, so hyped, so promoted, enhanced and consciously or unconscionably propelled into a Demi institution of king making on the Plateau. He has been installed as the president of the king Makers in the Plateau, so coronated that, hitherto religious and prayerful individuals have foresaken their claimed religious fortifications and taken to malignment, cast aspersions, innuendos and outright devilish lies, in so far as it will be able to downgrade any opponent, the kingmaker so anointed. They have foregotten that in the immediate past and present, the same king maker had endorsed PRP 1 and endorsed PRP2 in quick successions and the candidate failed, first until the Courts consolidated the endorsement and secondly, no hope.


We have allowed the untrained soldiers to take over the war front and the commanding generals are so satisfied with seeing the bellowing smokes from the war front. “Quel dummage” the French version of “What a pity”


You cannot be building a Plateau of the claimed dreams by promoting a person into undeserved prominence, alluding so much real and hypothetical, apparent and wishfuls, meanwhile at the depth of our spiritual souls we know that it is not so.


Why would Lalong, no matter how dull and insensitive his enemies may allude him, take Plateau’s Money, N50m monthly and be given Sheikh SANI YahayA JINGIR? You know it’s not possible and it can’t be true as plateau would have boiled beyond 100 degrees.

How would NENTAWE, who is not yet on the seat, Promise and has signed agreement to a N100m allocation to SANI Yahaya JINGIR, is it the same NENTAWE that the whole PLATEAU prior to his emergence as a politician, praised as one of the best brains alive?


After all these destructive tendencies and insinuating disgusting aspersions, and he fails to become the Governor, would such allegations stick or there would be some amplified paradigms to assuage his injuries?

Plateau is sliding into uncontrollable anarchy being promoted by the claimants to holding the soul of Plateau.


On the APC’s angles against PDP BCM, a whole Governor, who is equally owing salary arrears would join the madness of laying anarchism Foundation, have we all become mad, before we are all destroyed? As a local Government Chairman, we all know how helpless the Chairmen are and have been!!all are you surviving on the crumbs of the Governors wicked Tables, then if he couldn’t perform, he takes the blame even from the culprits?


As a lawyer, a practicing lawyer, there isn’t any law found in the statutes that makes a lawyer’s representation of a client a crime to circumscribe and forbid for him a prospective privilege. Mindlessness abound Plateau Politics.


It has reached a situation where your opponents now look for the most mortally morally decayed individuals, be given as small as a N1000.00 to go round wards telling them that so so Candidate has withdrawn from the race. What a weak, dead living kind of people are in Politics. If you can’t bear the truth or doesn’t have the matured mind to accept reality, what kind of representation are you seeking for?


Plateau may end up loosing the badly needed cohesion, this is very possible because the image battering contest indulgence by PDP&APC may last longer than the elections.

I expect that, the elders of thoughts on the Plateau should dissect these ugly engagements, talked about it before the elections, so that whoever wins, will lead brothers and sisters rather than adversaries won and lost.

For the first time Plateau has excellent first class candidates for the GUBER elections especially, PDP, APC &LABOUR.


It’s a predictable fact that only one must win, leaving so much dust behind is worst than winning. These are the takes from ZAMAN TARE.

Alh. Samaila AA Rukuba. Jakadan ZAMAN TARE.






Ken Dabilong wrote:


2023 Elections…..On The Plateau

Only on the Plateau That Elections reminds Us of our Religious Background afterwards we Blackmail, Hate and Plot Downfall for Each Other.

Only on the Plateau are we United In Unemployment not Discussing Issues that Bother Leadership and Good Governance.

Only on the Plateau that a Particular Religion should be made to feel Inferior to the Other and Vice Versa.

Only on the Plateau that Convenience strive.

Only on the Plateau that My People don’t ask for the Religious,Ethnic or Political Orientation when asked to come for Possible Employment.

Only on the Plateau are we knitted and United in Poverty,Cheap Blackmail,Propaganda and yet want to see Our Dear State Strive.

I thought our Clergies will Preach Issues not Sentiments

I thought our Youths will engage in Constructive Criticism..

Let me Say this Boldy that no Tribe,Religion or Ethnic Extraction can Produce the Governor.

We must Learn to Compliment Each Other so that on this Plateau we shall Attain Enviable Heights…

I want a Secured, Prosperous and United Plateau.



*Rt. Hon. Jones Onyereri , PhD Posted Awhile Ago.*


Read him👇👇👇👇👇


The judge asked the killer of former Egyptian President, Anwar Sadat, “Why did you kill Sadat?”


He said to him, “Because he is secular!”


The judge replied: “What does secular mean?”


The killer said: “I don’t know!”


In the case of the attempted assassination of the late Egyptian writer, Naguib Mahfouz, the judge asked the man who stabbed Naguib Mahfouz, “Why did you stab him?”


The terrorist said: “Because of his novel – The children of our neighborhood.”


The judge asked him: “Have you read this novel?”


The criminal said: “No!”


Another judge asked the terrorist who killed the Egyptian writer ‘Faraj Fara’: “Why did you murder Faraj Fouda?”


The terrorist replied: “Because he is unfaithful!”


The judge asked him: “How did you know he was unfaithful ?”


The terrorist replied: “According to the books he wrote.”


The judge said: “In which of his books did you know he is unfaithful?”


The Terrorist: “I haven’t read his books!”


Judge: “How?”


The terrorist replied: “I can’t read or write!”


Hate never spreads through knowledge. It always spreads through ignorance. This is how societies pay the price of ignorance.


Ignorance is the reason we hate others based on what we heard about them (In most cases without evidence) not what we know.


Please don’t hate anyone because of what they told you about him or her.


Remember someone’s enemy can be your helper.


Have a great week.



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