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Nip and Tuck: 4 Nigerian Celebrities Who Opted For Breast Reduction



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Discover the shocking truth about 4 Nigerian celebrities who went under the knife for breast reduction. Find out who they are and why they made this bold decision.

Breast reduction is a cosmetic surgical procedure in which excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin are removed to achieve a breast size that is proportionate to the body. Women with disproportionately large breasts who experience physical discomfort, pain, and emotional distress frequently choose this procedure. Breast reduction surgery is becoming increasingly popular among women in Nigeria, including celebrities.

This article will go over the top 4 Nigerian celebrities who have had breast reduction surgery.

Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede is the first woman on today’s list. The actress had her breasts reduced and made the revelation known when she appeared on Mercy’s Menu. Speaking about it when clearing up comments she has heard about herself, Yvonne Jegede said:

YVONNE JEGEDE: There are tons of comments I’ve seen on the internet starting from my marriage till now, there are so many comments. But the comment that makes me laugh is when people say she has gone to do her bum. Is it because everybody is doing bum now, anybody who now does her body must have done bum? I’ve done my tummy, I’ve done my boobs – I reduced my breast twice.

Nollywood actress and controversial personality, Afrocandy, is yet another woman who underwent breast reduction surgery. The Nollywood actress made the revelation known during an interview with the Saturday Tribune where she said:

I have been having back lately, and when I went to my doctor for that, he said I was caarying load on my chest, that’s what’s causing it. Also, I can’t jog, run, jump rope or dance as I would like to without being conscious of the bouncing boobies. So I wanna be able to do all that and be pain free. That’s why I need this surgery

Nollywood actress Tosin Abiola popularly known as Omo Brish is another woman who has undergone breast reduction surgery. She made this known during an interview when asked what her beauty secret is. She responded:

I don’t have any secret, I mind what I eat. Honestly, the best secret is about me going for breast reduction. The boobs were huge. It was huge to the extent that I started having a backache. I stopped getting my sizes, I will go to the shops, they will do measurement and still not get my size. And when I had my second child I just thought to myself I need to do something about the boobs. After my second child, the boobs became so big, I spent so much on massage every day just because of my back. It was really affecting me

Big Brother Naija housemate Eriata Ese announced that she will be gifting herself a breast reduction come her 30th birthday. According to the reality star who took to Snapchat to make the revelation, she said:

My 30th birthday gift is a breast reduction. My back and shoulder will finally be at peace.

When a user responded to the post saying ‘No please’, Eriata wrote back to that person saying:

Y’all not there when I’m dealing with back pain and reddish bra line on my shoulder. You’ll all be fine.

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