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10 Practical Steps On How To Write Professional CV



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A CV, or Curriculum Vitae, is a document that provides a detailed overview of your education, work experience, skills, achievements, and other relevant information. It is typically used when applying for academic positions, research opportunities, or certain specialized roles. Unlike a resume, which is more concise and focused on specific job applications, a CV tends to be more comprehensive and covers a broader range of your professional and academic history.

Here are some practical steps to help you write a professional CV:

1. Contact Information: Include your full name, phone number, email address, and optionally your LinkedIn profile.

2. Summary or Objective: Write a brief statement that highlights your career goals and what you bring to the table.

3. Skills: List relevant skills, both technical and soft, that match the job you’re applying for.

4. Work Experience: Include your previous job positions in reverse chronological order. For each job, mention the company name, your title, dates of employment, and a description of your responsibilities and achievements.

5. Education: Mention your educational background, including the names of institutions, degrees earned, and graduation dates.

6. Achievements: Highlight any awards, certifications, or significant accomplishments related to your field.

7. Projects: If applicable, showcase relevant projects you’ve worked on, along with your contributions and outcomes.

8. Languages and Tools: List any programming languages, software, or tools you’re proficient in.

9. Volunteer Work: Include any volunteer or community service experience that demonstrates relevant skills.

10. References: Optionally, you can provide references or state that they’re available upon request.

Remember to tailor your CV for each application, emphasizing skills and experiences that align with the specific job you’re applying for. Keep the formatting clean and consistent, use bullet points for easy readability, and proofread for any errors before submitting.

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