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It’s Treasonable To Deploy Nigerian Army To Niger Without Senate Approval — MBF



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The Middle Belt Forum, MBF, has warned that it will amount to a treasonable offence to deploy Nigerian troops to Niger Republic without the approval of the Nigerian Senate.

The MBF also cautioned that any deployment of Nigerian troops at this particular time would further squeeze the Nigerian economy and worsen the hardship being faced by Nigeria.

The National President of MBF, Dr. Bitrus Pogu who made this known while reacting to the supposed order by ECOWAS for the deployment of troops to oust the military junta in Niger Republic cautioned that Nigeria should not be dragged into any form of proxy war in the neighbouring country.

Hear him: “To me the entire thing playing out as regards Niger Republic is like a double standard.


“Many things have happened in ECOWAS including those that have happened that were unconstitutional based on extant national laws. For instance today the constitution of our country is being challenged by the reason of the last election we had. Nobody came in to say that the provisions of the constitution has to be adhered to. You cannot just swear in somebody when certain conditions are not met. That was not done.


“Again there are countries in West Africa that the military took over governance and they the military at still in government and ECOWAS did not say anything. Why is the issue of Niger being giving so much attention, why the double standards?


“So there is something fishy in this whole thing. And as a country, more than 50 percent of the people of Niger are Hausas. And they have their kith and kin in Nigeria.


“That is why we must weigh this thing very carefully. But in the long run our already bad economy will worsen if such a war takes place, because Nigeria will be at the receiving end both ways. So it is not advisable; maybe they are being instigated by the West, we are not supposed to be fighting proxy or western wars for them.


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“Let France fight their war; we have been suffering from Boko Haram for years now and nobody came in to assist. We shouldn’t delve into problems and issues that do not concern us.


“Moreover the Nigerian troops cannot be deployed outside the shores of this country without the approval of the Senate. Based on our current laws, the President cannot just deploy our troops. Recall that the President had earlier approached the Senate for deployment and the Senate refused. So for him to by-pass the Senate to do that will be a reasonable offence. So it is unfortunate if the President deploys Nigerian troops to participate under whatever guise, whether ECOWAS guise or whatever without the approval of our Senate.”



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