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Check Out The Smallest Country In The World That Has Only 33 People



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Molossia, a fascinating micro-nation nestled within the borders of the United States, is a testament to human ingenuity and the desire for sovereignty, despite its diminutive population of just 33 people. Founded in 1977 by Kevin Baugh, this self-declared nation occupies a small parcel of land in Nevada, near the town of Dayton. With an area of about 1.3 acres, Molossia is minuscule in comparison to traditional nations.

Molossia operates under its own constitution, and Baugh, its president, guides the nation’s activities. Its governance is characterized by a blend of humor and seriousness, with quirky laws and traditions. While it may seem whimsical on the surface, Molossia is a symbol of individuality and autonomy.

The nation issues its currency, the Valora, and even boasts a space program, though this consists mostly of imaginative and playful endeavors. Visitors can explore iconic landmarks like the “Republic of Molossia’s Main Street” and the “Molossia Railroad.” Despite its size, Molossia is actively engaged in international diplomacy, often with a lighthearted touch. It maintains diplomatic relations with other micro-nations and occasionally makes playful territorial claims against the United States.

Molossia’s story exemplifies the enduring human spirit of independence and creativity, proving that the desire for self-expression and sovereignty knows no bounds, even if that means creating a nation with only 33 citizens on a small plot of land in the American Southwest.

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