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FASU Suspends NEC President Indefinitely For Mismanagement Of Funds



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Scores of students under the leadership of Federation of Ayedire Students’ Union, FASU of the Senate arm has suspended the NEC President of the union indefinitely, Amb. Busari Saheed

See details below:

After investigation into the series of allegations against the FASU NEC President. The FASU Senate came up with the following resolutions:

1. The NEC President was found guilty of mismanagement of union funds for not being able to give an accurate account of financial report for the sponsorship of jamb and amount disbursed to the students with evidence of payment in line with (CHAPTER 3, ARTICLE 5, SECTION 8 and 9 page 12) of the FASU Sacrosanct Constitution.

2. The NEC President carried out out an operation pay high institution school fees without due consultation and approval from Senate which made only a constituency a beneficiary instead of three constituencies that made up FASU as the official post of the program tagged FASU name not FISU which contradict CHAPTER 3 ARTICLE 5, Power of function of the Senate, SECTION{1,2 and 7} page 37) and ARTICLE 6, RULE 15{C}) of the FASU Sacrosanct Constitution

3. The NEC President was found guilty of being unfaithful to all FASUITES and dragging the name of the union in the mud by declaring that he gave someone from Kuta jamb scholarship fund during joint virtual meeting but sent the money after the meeting as the meeting ends at 23:12pm but sent money at 23:35pm trying to call everyone FASUITES fool which is against the by law and oath he took into office- (CHAPTER 6, ARTICLE 1, SECTION III, Oath of officers. Page 65) of the FASU Sacrosanct Constitution

4. Collaborating with the NYC for a program without due consultation and approval from the Senate which contradicts CHAPTER 3, ARTICLE 5, Power of function of the Senate, {1, 2 and 7} page 37). Of the FASU Sacrosanct Constitution.

5. Declaring to the public during second phase of the Senate sitting that he has no regard for the Senate chamber rather he honoured the second calling because the Senate President was his friend which implies first calling he failed to honour is intentionally which contradicts the section of the constitution (CHAPTER 3: ARTICLE 1, SECTION B, SUB-SECTION 2 and ARTICLE 3, Section C, {1}{2}{3}{4} page [34]) of the FASU Sacrosanct Constitution.

6. Walking out of the virtual sitting without notice or permission from the Deputy Senate President as demanded by the constitution (CHAPTER 3, ARTICLE 6, RULE 9, C, Page {42}) of the FASU Sacrosanct Constitution

7. The NEC President was found being unfaithful to the FASU Senate and FASUITES by declaring that NAOSS Headquarters requested for 10 Slots from the Bursary and when the NAOSS President was reached out to he said he never gave any directives of such rather he gave directives only that ₦300 can be added to the two thousand ₦2,000 for the sake of printing applicant documents, for those that are not around. However, the NEC President collected an extra ₦1000 against ₦300 from some of our students, despite the information that 10% of the due is for the local government indigenous body. Eventually, dragging the name of the union and Ayedire in the mud among other indigenous presidents which contradicts the oath he took that


I, SEN. BUSARI Saheed Abiodun do hereby solemnly accept the office of the National President and swear
that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to FASU CONSTITUTION that as the PRESIDENT of the FASU National Body . I shall discharge my duties to the best of my ability, in good faith and in accordance with the provision of this constitution. That I will strive to preserve the fundamental objective of the union, that I will abide by any decision(s) of the union and congress without going against the one decided. That I shall not be found guilty of any behavior that contravenes the provision of this constitution that could drag the
name and essence of the union into mud. I affirm that I shall subject myself to any
disciplinary action(s) meted out on me by the union, if I deviated from my oath. So
help me God.

8. Having flouted different sections of the constitution aforementioned above The FASU NEC President, Amb. BUSARI Saheed Abiodun, is hereby suspended indefinitely from his office pending when he clears his name on charges levelled against him in lieu to the constitution CHAPTER 5, ARTICLE 2, SECTION A, REMOVAL OF OFFICER OF THE UNION, {1}{2 I,II,III}) of the FASU Sacrosanct Constitution.

The NEC President is hereby given Seventy-two hours (72hrs) to refund back the ₦1,000 collected from FASUITES which is against the directives given by the NAOSS Headquarters and also given 24hours to bring down the WhatsApp group he opened to impersonate the union group which have brought a lot of confusion amongst the members home and diaspora or ready to face the penalty of the bylaws for misrepresentation in (CHAPTER 1, ARTICLE 3, SECTION C, TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP {7,8,9,10 Page 12}).

9. No official of the union should receive union funds in their personal account anymore, except in an official account of the union in a known and approved commercial bank.

10. The obligation of the President is hereby vested on the Vice-President as an acting President pending when the President clears his name in accordance of the constitution (CHAPTER 2, ARTICLE 2, SECTION B, III Page 18) of the FASU Sacrosanct Constitution
And all the union property in possession of the President should be handed over to the Acting Vice-President before 72 hours.

Signed by Sen. AMUDA Toyin Nasroh.
FASU National Deputy Senate Registrar,’24 Parliamentary session

For: Dist. Sen. ADEYEMO, Kehinde Nafiu
FASU National Senate President,’24 Parliamentary session

House of Assembly, Ayedire State Constituency,
Chairman Ayedire local government,
Chairman Ayedire South LCDA,
All Traditional Rulers,
DPO Ayedire local government,
D.S.S Office,
Naoss National Headquarters,
Naoss NCR National Headquarters,
All indigenous Presidents,
Chairman FASU Stakeholders forum,

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