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BREAKING: Workers To Earn Salaries In Dollars In Nigeria As FG Signs MoU With US



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The federal government has advanced its drive for job creation as it has signed a deal that will enable 50,000 Nigerians to work for foreign firms and earn in dollars.

The move is in the advancement of the one million jobs promised to Nigerians during the launch of the National Talent Export Programme (NATEP).

The Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Dr. Doris Uzoka-Anite disclosed on Monday at the signing of the MoU between NATEP and Cybersecurity Institute at Lab Four that the 50,000 jobs would earn the government an estimated $1.2bn annually for 3 years.

The jobs are in different categories such as telesales, customer service, virtual administrative assistance, marketing social media assistance and tech/cybersecurity.

The federal government in September 2024 launched the NATEP, an initiative targeted at creating a pool of talent that will make the country a force in the global talent-sourcing industry valued at $620bn.

The industry is expected to hit $1tn by 2027.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration sees the NATEP as an avenue to tap into the industry in order to shore up Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings.

During the launch of the programme at the sideline of the UN 78th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) last year, Uzoka-Anite, the minister, revealed how the initiative will position Nigeria as an export hub for talent outsourcing in Africa following the example of India, Bangladesh, Mexico and The Philippines.

At the signing of the MoU and the launch of the ‘NATEP Strategy’, the trade minister explained that the 50,000 jobs which have been attracted show that Nigeria is blessed with human resources.

She said, “With a youthful population and about 3 million graduates from Nigerian universities every year, we are very optimistic that we have what it takes to support this industry.

“As a country, we have a significant value proposition for regional and global markets for the export of services.
“It has been estimated that by 2030, around 35 million jobs will remain unfilled globally due to skill shortages resulting in a loss of about $8.5tn. Nigeria has a large youthful and skilful population that can take advantage of this in a way that can take advantage in a way that can significantly benefit our economy.

“These jobs generated through this partnership have the potential to annually attract up to $1.2bn into the Nigerian economy and this is through remunerations to the employed persons and in addition $60m for the business process outsourcing system through direct support to the individual Business Process Organisations (BPO).”

She noted that the ministry’s partnership with Lab Four will be one of the many partnerships that it will attract to ensure Nigeria becomes a global home for thriving micro, small and mega BPOs.

As the naira depreciates due to the foreign exchange crunch, the minister said beneficiaries of the programme would be able to hedge against depreciation of the naira which trades around N1,600 per dollar and inflation which rose to 31.7 per cent in February.

Anite said, “This is one of the solutions we have for tackling insecurity. Let me also add very importantly that they will be earning in dollars.
“So, this is a very big incentive especially when you have this hyper-inflationary environment. Anybody who can earn in dollars has his income guaranteed. It is more like inflation-proof. So that his earning power is higher and supported.
“I want people to apply. 50,000 jobs are just the beginning. This is the first MoU that we are signing. We have a 1 million target and I am sure we will surpass it. But I am sure we will surpass it.”

“We will also partner with state governments. We have a number of state governments that have indicated interest in supporting and participating in the programme.

“They have trained people already and these people don’t have jobs, so, those are likely going to be the first people that will take up and the state governments are also providing facilities for their citizens to go and work.”

On the launch of the National Strategy for NATEP, she said the programme has the potential to turn around the fortunes of the beneficiaries in the economy.

Speaking at the event, the Chief Executive Officer of Lab Four, Tony Okhiria expressed excitement about the MoU which he described as a game changer for Nigeria.

Okhiria said, “We had a dream to sort of disrupt the natural BPO process which traditionally you set up a building and work with a corporation but we believe that works but there is an additional way to scale and get more.

“This is huge because it allows Nigeria to accelerate its talent export much quicker because now even businesses across the country can be developed which generates money for them. Also individuals can make money and take care of their families. Everybody deserves that. So, we are very excited to be part of the solution to that.”
The National Coordinator of NATEP, Dr Olufemi Adeluyi explained that the job is made for people with relevant skills. He added that applicants without relevant skills will be trained and supported to have the required skills.

Adeluyi said, “A large percentage of the jobs does not require very high skills. They are skills that we can train people for between two to three weeks for them to have the skills. We will match applicants to jobs and then the BPOs.”

He appealed for Nigerians to apply for the 50,000 available jobs in order to support the Nigerian economy.

For advert placement, news publication, event coverage and promotions, call or Whatapp; +2349037160966
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