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Economic Hardship: See Current Price Of Bag Of Cement In Nigeria



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Amidst Nigeria’s evolving construction landscape, the cement market is witnessing a price problem, with retail figures straying significantly from the Federal Government’s agreed benchmarks with manufacturers.

Despite the efforts to cap prices between N7,000 and N8,000 per 50kg bag, the reality on the ground reflects a different scenario.

The government’s intervention aimed to stabilize the market by negotiating a price range with leading cement producers, including BUA, Dangote, Lafarge, and Ibeto.

This move intended to make cement more affordable and control market inflation within the construction sector.

However, the adherence to these price agreements has been inconsistent across the retail spectrum.

Reports from various locales, notably in Lagos, have pinpointed selling prices that exceed the agreed ceiling, with figures hitting between N10,000 and N11,000 per bag.

This discrepancy raises questions about the efficacy of the pricing accord and the monitoring mechanisms in place.

A snapshot of today’s market shows a variance in the pricing of cement products across different manufacturers:

– Dangote Cement Plc: Current rates oscillate between N11,000 and N12,500 per bag, surpassing the government-recommended price.

– Lafarge Africa Plc: Prices are between N12,000 and N14,000 per bag, indicating a premium above the agreed range.

BUA Cement: This brand retails at about N10,000 to N11,000 per bag, aligning closely yet still above the prescribed price limits.

– UNICEM Cement: Similarly priced to Lafarge, it falls between N12,000 and N14,000 per bag.

– Ibeto Cement: Like BUA, its prices range from N10,000 to N11,000 per bag.

The recent spike in cement prices across Nigeria has drawn attention to the underlying factors influencing this trend and the key regions contributing to cement production.

As construction activities burgeon, understanding these dynamics becomes essential for construction and real estate stakeholders.

Influencing Factors On Cement Prices

1. Raw Material Costs: The price of raw materials, notably limestone, a primary ingredient in cement production, significantly affects the overall cost. Fluctuations in these costs are directly reflected in cement prices.

2. Energy And Fuel Prices: Cement manufacturing is energy-intensive. Rising electricity and fuel costs, especially diesel used in factory operations, escalate production costs, impacting the final market price.
3. Transportation And Logistics: The cost of transporting cement from factories to various parts of the country adds a substantial mark-up, especially given Nigeria’s vast geography and infrastructural challenges.

4. Foreign Exchange Rates: With some raw materials and machinery imported, the cement industry is sensitive to exchange rate fluctuations, impacting production costs and, subsequently, retail prices.
5. Demand And Supply Dynamics: The construction sector’s boom has increased cement demand. In periods of high demand, especially during urbanization surges and infrastructural development phases, prices tend to rise.

Leading Cement-Producing States In Nigeria


Nigeria’s cement industry is geographically diversified, with several states emerging as production powerhouses:

– Ogun State: Home to one of the largest cement factories in Africa, Dangote Cement in Ibese, Ogun State is a significant player in the cement production landscape.

– Benue State: With Dangote Cement’s Gboko plant and other establishments, Benue contributes massively to Nigeria’s cement output.

– Edo State: Hosting BUA Cement in Okpella and Dangote’s facility in Obajana, Edo State, is central to Nigeria’s cement manufacturing sector.

– Cross River State: United Cement Company of Nigeria (UNICEM) in Calabar, Cross River, adds considerable volume to the national cement production.

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