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Lambast: LP Condemns Julius Abure’s Accusations Against Apapa, NWC, and NLC Presidents, Alleging Ties to Tinubu



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Gentlemen Of The Press


(1) NAIVETY is not an asset in politics as IGNORANCE is not a defense in Law. The attention of the Labour Party National working committee under the leadership of Ag National Chairman ALh Bashiru Lamidi APAPA has been drawn to an inconsistent, inconclusive, inconsequential, lame-duck, gibberish and beer parlour press statements intercepted in various media from One Obiora IFOH a staff of Sun News paper, purportedly issued on behalf of the Labour Party.


(2) In Obiora Ifoh desperation to lace his fallacious narratives with white lies for a sensational headlines as a self-appointed Spokesperson of our party when in actual fact, he is a member of the Peoples Democratic party, is an attempt to distort and rewrite history of our great party by alleging that the Nigeria Labour Congress Political Commission has been mandated by Mr Joe Ajaero to ensure that crisis in Labour Party festers ahead of the 2027 by presenting itself as a rallying ground for dissident former members of our party who recently lost the leadership battle in courts.


(3) The thoroughly demystified lilliputian Political dwarf out of ignorance, political rascality and gross indiscipline made false allusions in his futile attempt, claiming there was a political pact the leadership of the NLC has gone into with the current All Progressives Congress – led Federal Government to destabilize the opposition Labour party.


(4) Therefore, as for OBIORA IFOH,the paid rented and disgruntled mouth piece of Julius Abure, we wouldn’t had bothered to dignify this reckless statement from him and his co travelers or considered necessary to react to his usual, unintelligent outburst beer parlour statement. But because they continue to pretend and mislead members of the public with their intellectual sophistry which was a false narratives like a proverbial Horse with a Horn and also for the benefits of the few in the public who may innocently be mis- informed by this Ethically Rusty and Morally Depraved Mind.


(5)Obiora Ifoh despite the open facts available to him that judgements of Court of Appeal are not final went ahead to make far reaching assertion that the court of appeal has finally disposed of the matter. We must however remind him at this juncture that the same court of Appeal Judgments delivered in March 6 upon which he alluded to Alh Bashiru Lamidi Apapa led NWC as dissident members have since been appealed against and a Motion for stay of Execution filed even as the appeals are now pending before the supreme Court for determination.


(6)We are however not surprised to intercept in various media platforms how Obiora Ifoh laboured in futility albeit, ignominiously in his futile attempts at seeking to denigrate and undermine the judicial process with his cocktails of misinformation, Lies from the pit of hell, outright falsehoods and distortions without any scintilla of evidence to confirmed that Alh Bashiru Lamidi Apapa Led NWC is now under the Leadership the NLC President Com Joe Ajaero.


(7) The Labour party will not hold any brief engages in any response for the duo of President of NLC and it’s affiliate, the NLC Political Commission over the spurious and devilish insinuation by Obiora Ifoh that NLC President, NLC political Commission and Alh Bashiru Lamidi Apapa Led NWC are now working for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu led APC administration.


(8) Assuredly , the National Working Committee of Labour party led by Alh Bashiru Lamidi Apapa tenaciously and vehemently denied and refute the allegations and shall at the appropriate time put the mischief maker to the strictest proof thereof


(9)However, one pertinent questioned that Mr Obiora Ifoh need to provide an answer to is, who Sponsored Com Joe Ajaero and Bar Julius Abure invasion of our Party National Secretariat on April 17th 2023 after the FCT high court restraining order where the NLC president came with all kinds of dangerous weapons to Fumigate us and even refers to Alh Bashiru Lamidi Apapa and other NWC as RODENTS


(10) Labour party demand your explanation to Nigerians as regards the status of the $150 million dollars your factions of LP received from the PDP in hot pursuits of the disintegration of Labour party towards 2027 General Election where Bar Julius Abure will be made the Vice Presidential candidate of PDP to Alh Atiku Abubakar


(11)The Alh Bashiru Lamidi Apapa Led NWC is frontally against the purported illegal NNEWI National Convention which has since been trashed and confined to the dustbin of political history because it was held in contravention of various Supreme Court judgement that says “Once a party in a disputes file an appeal and motion for stay of execution against any judgments of a lower court, all parties involved must maintain status quo antebellum so as not to destroy the RES of the pending suit or foist a situation of complete helplessness on the outcome of the appeal.


(12) Further more, let it be known to you and your Labour party factions that what is more important to us is the judgement of the supreme Court which will be the ultimate decider of who is “THE NATIONAL CHAIRMAN OF LABOUR PARTY BETWEEN ALH LAMIDI APAPA AND BAR JULIUS ABURE


(13) We are also reminding you that those calling for the resignation or otherwise removal of Bar Julius Abure now as National Chairman were on the side of your factions fighting is all through the pendency of the FCT high court restraining order


(14) It’s therefore incongruous and antithetical for you and any one from your faction of Labour party to insinuate we are now jointly working for APC led Administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu along side Com Joe Ajaero who once referred to Alh Bashiru Lamidi Apapa led NWC as RODENTS, except you or such a person is suffering from Acute Depression, massive Dementia afflictions with manifest chronic Bipolar Disorder.


(15) Your ill-mannered and incoherent Press Statement has further exposed the Julius Abure led factions of unsubstantiated, ill-thought-out allegations against us which has now confirmed you as one of the worst additions to human race since you couldn’t even lace your statement with any basic facts to justify your empty and bland insinuation which you seek earnestly in other to criminally maligned our hard earned reputations built over the years.


(16) The Alh Bashiru Lamidi Apapa Led NWC owed it a sacred duty to ensure that Obiora Ifoh and his Factional Leader Julius Abure do not continue to disseminate lies and falsehoods as they get themselves entangled in politics of deception and hatred.


(17)The Apapa Led NWC want to set the records straight that we have implicit confidence in the appeal before the supreme Court filed by our highly respected Lawyer High Chief Ogwu Onoja SAN to set aside the March 6th Judgement of the Court of Appeal in totality.


(18) The outcome of Supreme Court JUDGMENT shall be the final jigsaw in the puzzle without more.


(19)We are therefore not in crisis with the NLC political Commission towards any of their actions against Obiora Ifoh factions of the LP led by Barr. Julius Abure and his cohorts.


(20)The Asaba National Executive Council meeting conducted by the Julius Abure faction during the pendency of the FCT high court Restraining order last year April 2023 where some inconsequential National Working Committee (NWC) appointments were made is null and void and of no effects having been made in flagrant disobedience of court order.


(21)This also account for why the candidacy of OLUMIDE AKPATA in EDO STATE is dead on arrival as you cannot put something on nothing and expect it to stand, it will certainly collapse.


(22) For the record and the avoidance of doubt, BARR. ANDERSON ASEMOTA AND BARR. MONDAY MAWAH are the authentic Labour Party gubernatorial candidate and deputy gubernatorial candidate in Edo State without more.


(23)The Purported ANAMBRA NNEWI NATIONAL CONVENTION where some political misfits, ignoramus, shameless Women with no morals and Men with no virtues were appointed as members of the National Working Committee of our party,most especially one of the IPOB extremist member by name Mazi Clement Ojukwu who clandestinely and suspiciously positioned himself as DEPUTY NATIONAL CHAIRMAN SOUTH tailor towards an eventual declaration as the National Chairman is illegal and therefore null and void.


(24) The Apapa Led NWC hereby congratulate INEC under the Leadership of Prof Mahmood Yakubu for his open declaration as illegal and outright rejection of the outcome of the said Julius ABURE purported National Convention due to the stay of execution of the appeal court judgment and the pendency of the appeal before the supreme Court.


(25)The Ag. National Chairman of Labour party Alh Bashiru Lamidi Apapa has not been formally briefed by the Chairman of the NLC POLITICAL COMMISSION Prof TCN NDUBUAKU about the outcome of the NLC AND NLC POLITICAL COMMISSION stake holder meeting and we will make Press Statements available once the details are well set out.


(26)The Apapa Led NWC has therefore not Entered into any Negotiations with NLC POLITICAL COMMISSION under the Leadership of Prof TCN NDUBUAKU on the issues of planning a purported Labour party transitional executives because the Supreme Court is yet to deliver judgments in the two pending Appeals before it.


(27) The NLC President Com Joe Ajaero and the NLC Political Commission Chairman Prof TCN NDUBUAKU will be on firm ground if they choose to work with the Alh Bashiru Lamidi Apapa and Alh Saleh Lawan as Ag. National Chairman and Ag National Secretary led NWC of the Labour party.


(28) The Alh Bashiru Lamidi Apapa Led NWC knows that there is nothing so sacred for Mr Obiora Ifoh and his JULIUS ABURE Factions in the pursuit of their inordinate ambition and expansionist agenda to Conquer, annex and bequeath Labour party to Alh Atiku Abubakar, Former Vice President of Nigeria and PDP Presidential Candidate in the 2023 General Election towards the realization of his 2027 Presidential Election where Bar Julius Abure has been adopted and nominated as his Vice Presidential candidate.


(29)We are however aware that while Alh Atiku Abubakar and Bar Julius Abure has the right to aspire to the highest office in Nigeria as PDP Presidential candidate and PDP Vice Presidential candidate, such a tall ambition will not be allowed to bring our party into extinction or achieved at the detriment of our party


(30) Finally Mark Twain once said “A Lie Can Travel Half way Around the World While the Truth is Putting On Its Shoes.”


Martin Luther King Jr also said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matters.


(31) The above quotation clearly accentuate some of the many reasons we have to issue this statement in response to the ill-advised, ill-thought out, deliberate use of fallacious reasoning, intellectual charlatanism , moral unscrupulousness and shameful press statement issued by Obiorah Ifoh, purportedly on behalf of Labour Party.




Thank you.


Signed: Most Distinguish Peaceful Political personality of the year 2023


Dr Gentleman Abayomi Arabambi (FBAU)


National Publicity Secretary

Labour party


Wednesday 10th April 2024

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