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List Of Countries Whose Men Have Biggest Penis Size (See Nigeria Position)



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Nigeria holds the sixth position globally among countries with the largest average penis sizes for men. According to Data Pandas, Nigerian men have an average penis length of 17.00 cm. This measurement places Nigeria fifth among African nations in this regard.

Research indicates that average penis sizes tend to be relatively consistent and smaller across various countries. Despite this general trend, certain regions, such as Nigeria, display larger averages.

Scientific studies provide a range for the average erect penis size worldwide. Typically, this range falls between 12.9 cm and 13.92 cm, reflecting a narrower and more uniform distribution on a global scale.

Nigeria’s placement at the higher end of the spectrum highlights regional variations in average penis sizes. Such differences can be attributed to a variety of factors, including genetics and environmental influences.

According to a report by Data Pandas, six African and three South American countries are among the top ten nations where men have the largest average penis sizes, with Lebanon being the only Asian country to make the list.

Sudan leads the rankings, with men having an average penis size of 17.95 cm. The Democratic Republic of Congo follows closely in second place with an average of 17.93 cm, while Ecuador ranks third at 17.59 cm.

In fourth and fifth place are the Republic of Congo and Ghana, with average sizes of 17.33 cm and 17.31 cm, respectively. These measurements place them prominently within the top five.

Venezuela ranks seventh, with an average size of 16.93 cm. Lebanon holds the eighth position with an average size of 16.82 cm, making it the only Asian country in the top ten.

Colombia and Cameroon complete the list, occupying the ninth and tenth spots with average sizes of 16.75 cm and 16.65 cm, respectively.

This diverse group of countries highlights the variations in average penis sizes across different regions of the world.

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