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Top 10 Worthless Courses To Study In Nigeria



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The nation reporters gathered that  One of the problems that contribute to the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria is the courses some students study in schools. Just like we have good courses to study, so are the worst courses to study in Nigeria.

As a student, before choosing a course to study at the university or polytechnic, there are some factors you need to consider.

You must research the course you want to study at any Nigerian university. There are some courses in Nigeria a student shouldn’t study at all even if the school offer you the course.

Why? Because some are not sellable, lucrative, and have low employability rates in Nigeria. These courses are not extremely bad, but they are useless in Nigeria’s economy, and it is advisable to study them.

So, what are the worst courses to study in Nigeria? Let us find out!

Top 10 Worst Courses To Study In Nigeria

1. Physical Health Education

Physical Health Education starts as the number one on our list. Yes, it is one of the worst courses to study as a Nigerian student.

The course will make a great career in well-developed countries, but in a country like Nigeria, the probability of getting a job as a fitness coach or instructor is extremely low.

Many Nigerians do not seem to care about fitness, they are more focused on putting food on their table in this harsh economy.

Many Physical Health Education graduates end up being teachers in primary or secondary school.

2. Anthropology

Anthropology is a social science subject that deals with the study of human and societal behaviour. It has very low employment opportunities in a country like Nigeria.

This course is not ideal if you intend to get a good job after school.

3. Sociology

Sociology is also a social science subject that deals with the study of social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behaviour.

Unlike some well-developed countries, Sociology is neither in demand nor lucrative in our economy.

Most sociologists end up unemployed as they are not fit into several industries in Nigeria.

It is not a course worth studying for four (4) years at the university.


4. Zoology

Zoology deals with the science and study of animals. Universities in Nigeria make it look like a good course and offer it to many students who fail to meet up with their chosen courses.

The course is not marketable in a country like Nigeria, where wildlife is not appreciated.

Many zoologists struggle to get jobs after school because they were not fit into industries in Nigeria. And those who are lucky to get jobs are underpaid.

5. Social Studies

Another worst course to study in Nigeria is Social Studies. A course like this is rendered useless because it is not fit into Nigeria’s economy.

Most graduates of Social Studies end up being secondary school teachers because there is no or low employment opportunity for them.

6. Library Science

Library Science is another worst course to study in Nigeria.

Although over 95% of students do not apply for this course, the school force them to study it because they are not qualified for their desired courses.

Graduates of library science are limited to job opportunities because many Nigerians lack reading habits, and there are no functional libraries in Nigeria.

Moreso, technologies are taking place of most library scientists. This course is not worth studying.

7. Horticulture

Some fields in agriculture are not profitable in Nigeria. An example of one is Horticulture.

Horticulture is the agronomic science that deals with the study of growing trees, vegetables, and flowers.

Horticulture is not appreciated in Nigeria, unlike well-developed countries. The job opportunities for horticulturists in Nigeria are low. This is one of the worst courses in Nigeria.


8. Elementary Education

Elementary Education is another worst course in Nigeria. Graduates who studied Elementary Education in school end up as nursery and primary school teachers.

There are low employment opportunities for most Elementary Education graduates.

9. Botany

Botany deals with the scientific study of plants.
It is a good course, but countries like Nigeria do not appreciate it much.
The employment rate for most botanists is low, and they struggle to get jobs. You don’t want that for yourself, do you?

10. Home Economics
Home Economics deals with home management. These include human development and relationship, personal and family finance, wellness, food science, and nutrition.

Home Economics is a great career, but it is not fit into the current harsh economy of Nigeria.
Most Home Economists hardly get employed. They end up as secondary school teachers. It is not a good course to study in Nigeria, no doubt.
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