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5 Underrated Tips That Helps With Studying You Should Know About (No.5 Is Not Known By Many)



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Everyone wants to achieve good grades, no one wants to fail or get bad grades, that’s a well known fact. It’s also common knowledge that getting good grades without studying is impossible, in fact you’ll have better chances at putting a blue whale through a needle eye, than passing without doing the barest minimum when it comes to studying.

However, in as much as studying is an undeniable necessity to achieve good grades, there has been lots of instances whereby a student studies and still ends up having bad grades. In most cases this is down to how the student went about the studying process, the studying process could also be complex, as in some cases some student don’t know what studying technique to follow or in some cases they find it hard to have any retention of what they’ve studied.

That’s why in this article we are going to show you tips that help with studying effectively, let’s go!

1.) Find Your Best Study Environment: This tip is mostly overlooked by students, but has the ability to be the game changer for most of you. Finding your best study environment isn’t really tasking and is actually easy, just try to pay attention to surroundings that stress or distract you when you are studying and avoid them. Find places that brings you serenity and make that your study environment.

2.) Break It Down: A big mistake a lot of student make is trying to cram 8 weeks worth study material in 30 minutes. It’s unadvisable to try to overwhelm your brain with load of works, while trying to study. In such cases the brain would assimilate little to no information. Instead of overworking your brain by trying to cram impossible amount of information in little time, break your study sessions into shorter more focused bursts.

3.) Teach Someone Else: A very underrated tip indeed. Studies have shown explaining concept of what you study to someone else can help reinforce your own understanding and help you remember better.

4.) Take Breaks: Another costly mistake a lot people make while trying to study is overworking themselves without taking any interval breaks. This is unadvisable, because the chances of mental burnout are increased and any sort of assimilation rarely take place when the brain is over worked. Take shorts break (preferably a break after every 25-30 minutes of studying) to avoid mental burnout and to recharge.

5.) Use Mnemonic Devices: Mnemonic devices can be incredibly helpful for studying because they provide a way to encode information in a way that is easier for your brain to remember. By creating associations between the information you need to remember and something else that is already familiar to you, such as a rhyme, acronym, or image, mnemonic devices can help you recall the information more easily when you need it. They can make studying more efficient and enjoyable by providing a creative and personalized way to remember complex material.


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