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Nigeria as a nation and Nigerians have not learned any lesson from 1963, 1983 and today.

The Nigeria Military should listen to Nigerians.

I think the Nigeria Military has lost God’s given objective since the creation of man.

The military was created by God to normalize the society.

When the military sees what is wrong, they should correct it immediately.

The society is getting rotten and the military is watching things go rotten all in the name of democracy. If democracy means waste, destruction, denial of rights and equivocations of all bad tendencies, then we don’t need it. The military should start correcting the uncontrollable malaises prevalence, in this Society today.

Look at what you call cross-Dressing, a new name for permissible sodom and Gomorrah, the Nigeria National leaders are afraid to talk because France and USA will sanction them.

It’s like Military today is acting Perfunctory in the name of Democracy.

The only institution that is far better than than the Senate and House of Representatives put together, in outlook, universal composition and mix, it’s the military, they perform without thinking of where they come from but Nigeria.

NOTE: What is happening today is less than 2% of what happened in the first republic, and it’s less than 1% of what happened in 1983, when SHAGARI messed up. And that is why we still have Nigeria today. The country is headed for destruction, sliding into obscurity, individuals are becoming stronger than the Nation, individuals are holding states to Ransome, please, we the weak ones are worried, we may not have Nigeria before 2027,, we don’t want what is happening, the military does have avenues to to curb the menaces going on. The military in its quote and or from intelligence report or at worst during privilege coffee times with the political elite, kindly inform that, the country is sliding into abysses.

You don’t need a coup, but advocacy.
Whenever the majority become disenchanted, it doesn’t matter that the majority here are the unfortunate ones, but note these are the crux of the fundamentals of the Country and Netizens.

If an individual can appoint a whole State Governor to act for him and takes instructions like a house boy, if a whole state Governor and others elected can be removed at the instances of a few disgruntled ones, leaving the majority wallowing in regrets and powerlessness, then Democrscrsy had losts its dictates.
Democracy is not for Nigeria, what we need is Trado-Militocrsts. The traditional institutions, the Military and some Democratic dictates be brought together to form a Government for Nigeria. This fail experimental Democracy will never work.

Individuals are stocking Trillions of Dollars, and Naira as etsonal Assets, Nigeria as a Nation needs less to provide all needs.

If the military can no longer correct corrupt Democracy, then I’m sure the non state actors are acting to the detriment of a sane society.


For advert placement, news publication, event coverage and promotions, call or Whatapp; +2349037160966
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