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Avoid This 5 Habits In 2024, If You Want To Smash All Your Goals



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It’s a new year, everyone is happy and expectant for what the new year has in stock for them. Some are sure the new year would go well for them, not because of anything other than they feel that this year is their year, no plan, no goals just pure prediction and expectation.


Let’s me make something clear, nothing will change, I repeat myself nothing would change this year, it’ll be like previous ones you’ve told yourself it’ll be your year, if you don’t do something different, if you don’t make goals and map out plan to achieve them, if you don’t ruthlessly pursue success and all you desire, no one is handing anything to you, the universe doesn’t have a gift for you, the new year is just the earth completing a full orbit around the sun, there’s no gift falling from the sky every new year, don’t be brainwashed.


A new year is the start of a fresh 365 days. It’s a time for new beginnings, setting goals, and reflecting on the past year. It’s an opportunity to make positive changes, start new habits, and strive for personal growth.


Below are 5 habits you should avoid if you want to smash all your goals this year:



1.) Lack Of Planning: A major mistake a lot of people make going into new year, some may have goals they want to achieve going into the new year, they have no framework/plan on how to achieve said goals, thereby leading to little or no success in achieving their goals.

You should list your goals, aims and objectives for the new year, and create a framework/plan to help you achieve them.


2.) Negative Self-talk: This has to be left in 2023. You should be mindful of what you say to yourself, Negative self talk goes a long way in affecting ones confidence and motivation.

Try practicing only having positive self-talks in 2024.


3.) Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits: In as much as the new year is just another day, it could also be a great moral booster, the feeling of a fresh start can augment ones mental state and ones discipline. That’s why now would be the best time to drop all the unhealthy lifestyle habits you might have picked up along the way in 2023 and try to cultivate healthy and helpful habits this new year.


4.) Over-committing: Prioritizing should be a new habit that you should pick up this year, try not to take on too much at once. Over-committing can lead to mental burnout and a lack of focus on your main goals, thereby leading to another year of failed goals.


5.) Not Celebrating Progress: Acknowledge and celebrate your progress/success along the way to stay motivated and encouraged throughout the year.

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