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The G.O.A.T.S Of Football



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Immortals. Aliens. gods. All these words don’t do much exaggeration when associated with messi and ronaldo. Off the pitch they probably do what the normal human does but on the pitch what they do is far from humane. Combined they have both had a hand in over 2,000 goals in their career (yeah take that in) numbers that even a fictional writer will be wary to give to a fictional character, but this isn’t fiction its happening right before our eyes.


People say great minds think alike but messi and ronaldo has shown us that Greatness can come in different varieties, because the difference between the two men is glaring, one outspoken, arrogant … the other shy, humble…. On the pitch they isn’t a lot similar about them either, while messi looks like we all do when playing Sunday set, just having fun, ronaldo on the other hand has focus written all over his face from start to finish. But it mostly a case of different effort same result, they have both regularly made the fans and rivals jaw drop, effortlessly got the crowd on their feet, made the impossible look like it was childs play and while you see other footballers do all the aforementioned, what really sets messi and ronaldo apart is their consistency. Ronaldo and messi have been putting up numbers that prior to them a lot of people would have regarded as impossible but messi alongside ronaldo have been seemingly effortlessly doing it for 12 years or more. Name who you think is the Greatest ever, I can assure you the person didn’t spend 10 years at the top, then there we have two gods that have been on top for over 10 years just because they can.


While the benefits of getting to watch messi and ronaldo at the same times are infinite, the only issue is both don’t get the respect they deserve, football fans are torn into deciding who the better of the pair is .The messi loyals all see him as a god, which is actually sort of how he should be seen but the only itch is the amount of hate they transfer to the other guy, ronaldo. Same should be said for the ronaldo faithful, who worship everything their idol does (unintended), but as it is with messi fans, they hate rather than respect the other guy.


One thing is certain, everyone has their favorite which isn’t a bad thing given how much adoration oozes out of these men, but debating who is better is certainly going to drag on for centuries. But maybe it’s time to put aside the banters, the taunts and actually appreciate the greatness we’ve seen unfold right before our eyes, because you have to admit no matter who you support the other guy is hella impressive.


We have never seen a pair like this in this sports and not too much is indicating we ever will again and with time not on their side anymore, it’ll be more befitting to give them the respect they deserve when they are still on the pitch.





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